Capture & Test Responsive Sites.

Dimensions is a Google Chrome Extension to simplify debugging media queries and capturing screenshots of responsive websites.

Available on the Chrome Web Store for free!

  • User-Agents
  • Screen Capture
  • Showcase
  • Offline & Local

Browsers read user-agents to decide how best to render a webpage. This can cause websites to act differently depending on the browser & device used to display them. Dimensions can spoof your user-agent to a variety of mobile devices, helping you debug your websites easier than ever before.

Screen Capture

Need to prepare an image preview of your responsive design? Dimensions can save a full-resolution PNG screenshot of your design (at any breakpoint) with the click of a button. Perfectly cropped to the currently set viewport, responsive screenshots have never been this fast or simple!

Showcase Mode

If you need to get a visual idea of your website on a popular mobile device, Showcase Mode is for you. Simply choose a device and see your website wrapped in its frame. Pick a background colour, device colour and then save your screenshot. One click and you are done!

Offline & Local

Once you have bought and downloaded the extension, Dimensions can be used completely offline; no internet connection required. Couple this with full local file (file://) support, Dimensions is a essential tool for any web designer to have at their disposal.

Made with love by Surge

Dimensions is the brainchild of Surge Digital. Surge are a full service digital marketing agency offering services including; SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Conversion Optimisation and Web Design.