New version coming soon, with many requested features!

A super friendly Chrome Extension
for designers to test responsive websites.

App Screenshot
Work Offline
"Communications array is offline"

Not a problem! You can use our awesome new Google Chrome extension to get those websites responsive without even having to be online. Like taking candy from a baby *

* Dimensions does not condone taking sugary treats away from young children.

Refresh Friendly
"Let me refresh your memory..."

Are you sick of having to constantly press that refresh button? Well no more. Dimensions Toolkit is compatible with all JavaScript auto-refreshers (like LiveReload and CodeKit 2), so no more incessant button bashing.

Resizable Dimensions
"You're gonna need a bigger boat"

For our names sake, Dimensions is all for accurate measurements and sizes (although we’re also all for cat videos and chocolate cake). That is why we allow you, the user, to control the dimensions of your preview by dragging handles, entering specific values manually or choosing from a selection of popular device measurements, ooo la laa.

Custom Breakpoints
"We were on a break!"

Our toolkit is set to the default breakpoints of 320px, 480px, 768px & 1024px. Using our swanky custom breakpoints feature, Dimensions allows you to change these values to anything you desire. Not to be confused with "into" anything you desire, we’re not genies.

Oh and it will also remember your settings next time you use the toolkit.

Ready to give it a spin?
Download in the Chrome Web Store Or try the online version →
Here's what people are saying
  • iamkeir
    Struggling to imagine #RWD without the insanely useful @dimensions_app - if you haven't tried it, YOU MUST
  • gwd
    RT Definitely one of the best looking responsive website test tool - @dimensions_app
  • webknit
    Test responsive websites. This looks very impressive! @dimensions_app
  • livlab
    Wow @dimensions_app is pretty badass!

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